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China Supplier Mixed Marble Color Velvet Beauty Blender
Name:China Supplier Mixed Marble Color Velvet Beauty Blender
Material:Latex free sponge+microfiber
Shape:Waterdrop, gourd, olive cut/any shape
Size:40*60mm (waterdrop, gourd), 40*65mm/38*65mm(olive cut), 43*55mm
Color:Mixed color/custom
This is microfiber sponge, of course, some guys call them velvet sponge. They are also latex free sponge, but with a velvet layer on the surface. So they also will get bigger in water. The best blending sponge is the combination of regular sponge and brush. They can save at least half solid foundation, and very soft when you touch your face.
Mixed marble color sponges are very beautiful blenders.
They are suitable for working with a variety of cosmetics, perfectly applied to liquid& cream, such as primer, foundation, concealer, eyeliner.
Different styles pack beauty blender for you to choose.Microfiber Makeup Sponge Free Sample
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